Lion in Disguise

by Dub Campaign

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The Dub Campaign's debut studio album "Lion in Disguise" was entirely self produced from start to finish and mastered by the legendary Lion and Fox Recording Studio in Washington DC.


released January 29, 2013

Chris Larsen - Vocals / Guitar
John "Big L" Larsen - Bass / Co-Producer
Dub Architect - Guitar / Co-Producer / Mixing
Mike Lilburn - Drums / Percussion
Michael Caplan / Lion and Fox - Mastering



all rights reserved


Dub Campaign Washington, D.C.

The Dub Campaign.. a musical movement, a battle against Babylon... Simply put: “Good music, good people, IRIE vibrations!” DC is a dub reggae, rock, jam band that is out on a mission... create positive vibes for the masses, no strings attached!

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Track Name: Lion in Disguise
say i lion
in disguise
feels like i'm dying
in paradise

one more hit to make you feel irie
wanna hit em up so you can move below me
one more drop to make your mind erase
wake and bake your mind awake and move so slowly
take a break from life to clear your mind
gotta have respect if you expect to love your life
this reggae music make you feel sublime
turn the system up the riddem will provide the rhyme

dont listen to a word the rich man say
he think that his life be the only way
be true to life and you will find someday
all you need in life is love to be okay
I lie awake at night and realize
some people turn to terrorize
and the one you used to idolize
put i in babylon i lion in disguise
Track Name: Life is for the Music
Please remind me
oh remind me
of how it used to be
when we were younger
when every feeling was so much stronger
when every morning sun shine brighter
this weight on my chest was so much lighter

please remind me
oh remind me
of how everysingle day i push it away
i try to find a feeling
but it just won't seem to stay
well i know it's ok
but still i pray
for something i remember
but not only for a day

I always push it away
I say

life is for the music
oh the music
love is for the music
oh the music
you cryin for the music
oh the music
you dyin for the music
oh the music

life is for the music
dont try to confuse it misuse it
replace or remove it
cus someday you will lose it
or somebody will bruise it
i still believe that we can improve it
it can be a better day
and to my god is where i pray
and if all that i do is play
i know there will be hell to pay
hope someone will follow me
away from all this misery
the music it will set you free
it will set you free
Track Name: Upon Creation
Once upon creation
it's a lyrical fixation
aint no mind alteration
such a beautiful sensation

take a soul vacation
don't need no hesitation
nor a bad vibration
once upon creation

take a trip, take a trip, take a trip with me
and you will surely see how good life can be
no distraction of the mind your soul can be free
don't wait for what you want you'll get what you need

every now and then it wont be easy
and every way you look there's something you'll see
believe it or not life comes with a fee
just hold on what you've got there's no gaurentee

just a sip, just a sip, just a sip away
from losing my mind every single day
throw caution to the wind and you will not stay
but to me it's a price that i cannot pay

resentment is a game that our minds will play
and sorrow it will borrow what you want to say
if power is a demon that you cannot slay
then you need to find a power that will find a way
Track Name: Live for Today
He provide the worthy
we provide the criminal
he bring out the mercy
we are inadmisable
if there is a chance of rain we will feel no pain
we can run and play if we live for today

love is like a good dream
wishing it wont dead stop
i think i lost my mind
please take me to a head shop
if i can, be amazed by the things you say
i think i'll be ok if I live for today

and how should i feel, how should i feel
when the world feels so wrong
tell me how should i feel, oh how should i feel
when i have to play along

i say now if i had a choice i woulda left the world alone
never been a part of this when will we make it home
but choice in life or life of choice may seem so hard to make
and you will never see noone so proud of a mistake

but pride will soon be over now
and finally we'll be allowed
to live the life it took from us
and burried in the ground
celebration all around
the rightous man no longer bound
to hold the worlds problems up
until he hits the ground
Track Name: I Require
oh you can see what has become of me
and i will be a page out of history
and time oh time conflicts with destiny
and i oh i need some humility

wise men say that fear just gets in the way
so for today all i can do is pray
and i oh i wont think of yesterday
and my oh my, my will it cannot stay

hate desire both fuel a raging fire
and love inspires and musics the pacifier
and pain oh pain, pain it will not retire
and love oh love, love is what i require